Innovation in Aquaculture

Products & Services

We offer technology to improve farm metrics in an environmentally sustainable way. The core of our technology is around copper alloy mesh, its ability to resist fouling, with enough strength to defend crops from predators without harming them. We set our submersible systems in offshore environments to keep our estuaries, fjords, and bays free of pollution and reduce visual impact while allowing farms to scale operations up. Farms with EcoSea pens employing EcoSea know-how are profit generating and environmentally sound.

Copper Alloy Mesh Pens

EcoSea is the world industry leader in the production, installation, and maintenance of copper alloy aquaculture technology and containment systems. The company has over 4 million invested man-hours, more than 8.5 million fish raised, and over 38,000 metric tons of harvested fish. In addition to performing extensive research and development across five continents, EcoSea holds five patent applications in 154 countries for their copper alloy aquaculture pens and technology.

Copper alloy netting improves both the productivity and sustainability of marine aquaculture production. Key benefits of using copper alloy mesh cages include:

  • Significantly stronger support structure, which allows for 80% larger inner space
  • Larger inner surface area provides better water flow and better circulation
  • Higher levels of dissolved oxygen which inhibit the growth of parasites and pathogens, both bacterial and viral
  • Compared to conventional nylon nets, fish are healthier in copper alloy pens and require significantly fewer antibiotics
  • Copper alloy nets are naturally cleaner and suppress fouling, which reduces both maintenance and the need for anti-fouling chemicals
  • Nets are 100% recyclable
  • The weight and durability of copper alloy nets allows them to maintain their shape and volume in both calm and tsunami-strength ocean waves
  • Require 70% to 85% less cleaning than conventional nylon nets, which increases farming operation time and reduces the labor and cost required for cleaning
  • With EcoSea maintenance, the mesh can be guaranteed for a life of 10-12 years
  • Copper alloy nets reduce costly attacks by predators and fish escapes

Software & Technology

Changing your system to copper alloy pens is not enough, just as with any high-performance equipment, some training is necessary to achieve optimum performance. EcoSea will train your staff how to maintain your system, teach you the most effective means to harvest, and while damage is rare show you how to make repairs. Each system comes with an operator’s manual and EcoSea Farming stands ready to assist anytime we are needed.

Monitoring & Control Systems

Through our partners, EcoSea provides the most sophisticated and technically advanced remote monitoring systems. Probes are set in determined locations and data is fed back to our local and remote onshore faculties for analysis and evaluation. Monitoring for feed consumption, oxygen levels, salinity, current speed and direction, water temperature are just a few of the parameters collected. The information allows the local or remote operator to make adjustments to optimize system performance.

Business Model

EcoSea technology supports farming operations by improving production metrics. Through our partners we provide hardware, copper alloy pens, monitoring equipment, feeding system and financial services. EcoSea Farming does not sell pens but through our financial partners lease or rent our systems. Renting or leasing moves the cost from capital investment to operating expense. The monthly fee is determined by the financial company based on the total cost of the system and rate of return much like any industrial equipment.