Innovation in Aquaculture

Farm Center Test Results

Salmon and Seriola

Puerto Montt, Southern Chile

Salmon: EcoSea’s Center of Excellence

An Innovation Center was established by EcoSea in Southern Chile to research and demonstrate the efficacy of copper alloy pens and EcoSea technology for salmon production. International certifier SGS recorded and verified the results during the 18 months of production.

The salmon center was previously closed due to high mortality rates, but after switching to EcoSea’s copper alloy mesh approximately 3,500 tons of Atlantic salmon were produced in 16 pens of 13,500 m3. The fish sizes in the initial stock were very small, just 97.2g, out of 41 similar sites, we received the 38th smallest fish. With EcoSea’s technology, the final harvest was 5.8kg which made us the second best site.

The results are listed below.

  • Initial stocking: 678, 594 fish with an initial weight of 97.2 gr on average.
  • The harvest weight of the fish was 5.8 kg on average.
  • Economic Conversion Rate (FCRe) was 1.3
  • Biological Conversion Rate (FCRb) was 1.26
  • Biological mortality rate of 3.3%
  • Productivity per Fish of 5.21 (Final biomass vs. Initial biomass)

The results were among the best in the Industry over the 2014-2015 winter season (20 million fish.)

Flamenco Bay, Northern Chile

Seriola: CORFO Development Site

A CORFO (Chilean government) funded project to develop new sites and species for commercial fish farming. A 20 diameter submersible pen was deployed new Flamenco Bay in Northern Chile and stocked with Seriola lalandi (yellowtail amberjack.)

Despite having to battle major issues in the area: fouling, low oxygen levels, large swells, and a lower temperature than this species was accustomed to, the results were very good. During the growing cycle, we were surprised by two unexpected natural events: 2 large earthquakes (8.2 and 8.4 Richter) with their respective tsunamis and the worst storm waves (10 meters) in 35 years. The pens and fish were completely submerged and weathered these events with no issues.