Innovation in Aquaculture

Global Operations

EcoSea containment systems can be found around the globe. We continue to explore and open new areas with different species bringing environmentally sustainable opportunity to farming communities. Today we are found in just 5 countries, tomorrow expect to see us in many places around the world.

EcoSea Farming SpA Placeholder
EcoSea Farming SpA

Fish Farming Experience

  • 8.5+ million fish raised
  • 38,000+ MT of harvested biomass
  • 4,000,000+ hours of underwater know how
  • 62 operating salmon pens in southern Chile
  • 2 operating salmon pens in Canada
  • 1 operating Seriola lalandi pen in Australia
  • 1 operating salmon pen in Norway
  • 1 R&D Seriola lalandi pen in northern Chile
  • 5 operating Seriola quinqueradiata pens in Japan