Meet The Team

Nicolás Castillo

Born and raised in the city of Coyhaique in Chile’s Patagonia. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Federico Santa Maria University of Chile. Prior to joining Ecosea and over a period of 13 years Nicolás worked for major companies in the aeronautical, energy generation and logistics industries; leading and participating in multicultural teams improving and developing business across the globe.

Ricardo Benavides

Operations and Farm Support Manager
Ricardo holds a degree in Fisheries Engineering from the Austral University of Chile. His training and work experience have made him a subject matter expert in aquaculture production. He spent 11 years in fish farming production with Marine Harvest. During his time as head of production he oversaw the production of over 9,000 ton/year of Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout.

Dr. Felipe Hurtado

Technical Manager
Felipe has been a staff member of the Fisheries Technology Laboratory of the School of Marine Sciences since 1996 and specializes in the areas of research and technical assistance in the marine sciences. Both his career and studies have primarily focused on the fisheries and aquaculture industries. Felipe holds a degree in Fisheries Engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso and a doctorate in Aquaculture from the Catholic University of Valparaíso, the University of Chile, and Catholic University of the North in Chile.

Marcos Elgueta

R&D Manager
Marcos is responsible for research, planning, and developing new technology for Ecosea. Prior to joint Ecosea, he collaborated over 9 years in different industries and scientific organizations. Driven by curiosity, he has a strong passion for innovation and unique technology solutions applied to solve complex problems. Marcos holds an Aerospace Engineering degree from University of Concepción of Chile, and Systems Engineering professional certificate from MIT.

Lorena González

Lorena is the acting CFO and representative of the controller of the company, Aurus Capital. She joined Aurus Ventures on 2015 as an investment analyst of Aurus Ventures III. Her work is focused on the technical follow-up of the portfolio companies, and the evaluation and due diligence of potential investments. She holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Adolfo Ibáñez University and has a Master’s Degree in Finances.

Keiko Ozawa

Executive Director Japan
Keiko is the former Director of Corporate Planning of Japan Airlines. She graduated from Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan with a degree in Language and International Relations. Keiko is fluent in Japanese, English, and Spanish.

Daniel Aguilera

China Project Manager
Daniel obtained his architecture degree from the Maritime University of Chile in 2005. He moved to Taiwan in 2011 and studied Chinese Language at National Taiwan University, and then obtained a master’s degree in sustainable architecture at National Taipei University of Technology in 2016. He has worked in private and public sectors in architecture design, construction supervision and urban design. Daniel joined EcoSea in 2019 and is helping the expansion of the company into the Asian market.

Galo Vergara

Assembly Operations
Galo specializes in the assembly of copper alloy mesh, circular and square cages and welding HDPE tubing. He joined EcoSea Farming in 2010 and is responsible for supervising the construction, assembly, and maintenance of aquaculture pens. Prior to joining EcoSea Farming, he oversaw the construction and maintenance of flotation systems, copper mesh, pen relocation, mooring systems, and thermofusion. He actively participates in all EcoSea’s international projects and continually brings methodology improvements to the assembly process.

Pedro Hernández

Underwater Operations
Pedro is an aquaculture diver and supervisor of underwater procedures. He has more than 25 years of experience in the Chilean Salmon and Mythiculture industry, working mainly in installation and maintenance of underwater fish containment systems. He joined EcoSea to supervise and coordinate underwater operations for installment, maintenance and disassembly of copper alloy fish raft cages.

Miguel Riquelme

Operations Assistant
Miguel is electric technician and joined EcoSea as Operations Assistant. He has more than 15 years of experience in the Chilean Salmon industry, supporting fish management in all different productive procedures, such as size graduation, vaccinations, anti-parasitic management and harvesting. In Ecosea his main functions will be providing technical advice to clients and implementation of technologies for operation improvements.

Jesús López

Engineering Assistant
Aquacultural Engineer of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV) and Master in Management of Aquatic Resources of the PUCV. His professional development has been linked to research, development and engineering consultancy, in crop and anchoring systems for aquaculture. He is member of the Fisheries Technology Laboratory (TecPes) of the School of Marine Sciences of the PUCV and EcoSea Farming since 2012, where the main milestones in the company have been technical assistance in the process of certification of 3 rafts cages under the Standard Norwegian NS9415 (2013 and 2015), technical assistance in the process of entering the Canadian market presenting the technical reports required by the "Aquaculture Management Division Pacific Region, Fisheries and Ocean Canada" and active participation in the development of the submersible cages.

Kyoko Nagai

Business Development Manager
Kyoko is an experienced executive assistant with a strong background in international trading. Well versed in import and export procedures she worked for Swiss and Japanese companies in procurement and exporting as well as quality inspection. Kyoko has a degree in English from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.

Ignacia Patrone

Management Analyst
Ignacia joined EcoSea in 2020 as a management analyst. She holds an industrial civil engineering degree from Adolfo Ibáñez University. Prior to joining EcoSea she worked as a project engineer, where her main responsibilities were developing the economic evaluations in different projects of the company and carrying out the management control of them.

Katsuhiko Masuda

Executive Advisor
Graduate BSC from Sophia University in Tokyo and Advanced Management Program at Green Templeton College of Oxford University. His tenure at Mitsubishi Materials included General Manager, London Office and Copper Sales, Executive Officer, Corporate Sales & Marketing. He was Executive Advisor to the President at Mitsubishi Shindoh and is Advisor to Mitsubishi Materials' Advanced Products Company. He joined EcoSea as Executive Advisor in 2020 to assist in marketing.

Jeremy Young

Commercial Rep Australia & New Zealand
Jeremy is from New Zealand and holds a degree in Commerce from the University of Canterbury. Based in Asia for more than 20 years, he has worked in leadership roles in sales and marketing, finance, strategy and operations for both large multinational and startup companies in the pulp and paper, packaging and building materials industries before joining the world of aquaculture in 2015. Entrepreneurial in nature, his company, Aquaculture Systems Ltd represents EcoSea in the Australian and New Zealand markets.