Meet The Board

Jürgen Leibbrandt

Jürgen has 50 years experience in the global Copper Industry where he was instrumental in forming the International Copper Associatiaon ICA in N.York and the International Molibdenum Association in London. Both associations took relevant actions to make those industries more sustainable. In ICA he cocreated and chaired the Technology iniciative for new copper applications in energy eficiency, health care using coppers antimicrobial properties and sustainable acuaculture. In 2012 he was named Copper Man of the Year for his lifetime achievement in favor of the industry. In Codelco he formed InCuba to develop new ventures based on new copper applications. One of those was EcoSea who won the Avonni Price of best industrial innovation in 2011. He brought small scale copper alloy mesh tecnology for fishcages from Japan to Chile where EcoSea transformed and develoed it as world class , ready for export to serve the worlds fishfarming industry in a sustainable way. He has board member experience in several medium sice companies.

Víctor Aguilera

Board Member
Victor is an investment professional with 20+ years experience in global technology commercialization, corporate venturing and venture capital investments across different industries. He designed and is the main responsible of Aurus’s third VC-Fund focused on industrial technologies, which is currently the largest VC-Fund in Chile, having institutional LPs such as Codelco (Chile’s largest corporation), Mitsui & Co. (one of Japan’s largest business conglomerates) and multilateral banks such MIF-IDB and CAF, besides some of the most important family offices in Chile.)

Gabriela Timerman

Board Member
Gabriela has 10+ years of experience in the offshore, energy and infrastrucutre sectors, having worked at Petrobras, Golar Power and Excelerate Energy developing and implementing integrated energy ventures. Has background in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering, with emphazis in hydrodynamics; has established over the past years extensive contact with key global players in the maritime, gas and energy sector as well as the academia and research institutes. She is also involved in a range of initiatives around sustainability and ecology of the oceans

Víctor Pérez

Independent Observer