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World Leader in Design and Installation of Industrial Scale Aquaculture Containment Systems
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We Bring the Future of Sustainable Aquaculture to the Present
Increasing the Usable Waters While Reducing Environmental Impact
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Our Advanced Materials Provide a
Long Lasting, Highly Resistant, Recyclable and Anti-Fouling
Solution for Oceanic Aquaculture Worldwide
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Our Submersible Technology is Designed to
Withstand Severe Ocean Conditions,
Promoting Fish Health, Safety and Preventing Biomass Loss
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Through Our Proven Design and Construction, We Provide a
10+ Year Continuous Operation Guarantee
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EcoSea - Innovation in Aquaculture

We are the world’s leading provider of cage systems technology for industrial scale oceanic aquaculture, both for protected sites and high-energy exposed locations. Our proprietary solutions enable fish farmers to grow fish in areas of the ocean where it was not possible before, increasing usable waters while reducing environmental impact compared to traditional farming operations.
Our proprietary technology is composed of advanced materials, patented components, rigorous computer simulations, and state-of-the-art automation technologies, all resulting in the reduction of fouling formation, superior water flow, reduction of pathogens, with minimum risk of escape and predator attacks. Overall a much healthier, safer and sustainable growing environment for fish.
In addition, over the 10 years guaranteed operational life of our systems, traditional aquaculture netting use is reduced, and at the end of life our systems are 100% recyclable.

Our Technology Benefits

Sustainable Protein Production Solutions

By Improving Standard Farming Procedures

Better Health Conditions: Free flow of water, improved oxygen levels, lower pathogen levels, all resulting in better FCR.

EcoSea provides best practices to  improve the production and operational metrics through the EcoSea Operative Package (EOP).

By Providing New Opportunities

Enabling farming operations in rough sea conditions, expanding the production potential to offshore and high energy locations.

Better Profitability

OPEX Efficient

No Fouling on the mesh, reducing handling, cleaning and maintenance. Eliminating operations of positioning / removal of cages and nets between productive cycles.

CAPEX Efficient

10+ years proved assets operational life. Leasing services through financial partners available.

Lower Risks

Predator & Escape Resistant

Proven efficiency against predators, ripping and escapes.

Less Volumetric deformation

Under severe current and wave conditions, traditional fish cages experience substantial volume reduction due to deformation, generating overcrowding conditions, increasing the fish stress and mortality rate. Our technology maintains structural integrity and cage volume under adverse weather conditions.

No Antipredator Nets

The absence of anti-predator mesh eliminates the most critical diving hours. Less fouling requires less cleaning. Increased material strength reduces repair and maintenance requirements.